How it Works

Learn how to make business development more productive with less time.

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Centralize your network

Relationships are critical for your business. Consolidate your network from LinkedIn, CRM, Outlook, Gmail or a spreadsheet in one place.

We Do The Rest For You

  • Track and Update key relationships in real time
  • Match your network with opportunities
  • Connect the dots between previously disparate sets of data

Capture relevant market opportunities consistently and in real-time

Get personalized hyper-targeted feeds for companies, key people and events based on your strategic interests and preferences:

  • Any moment
  • Effortlessly
  • Consistently

Research opportunities with a click

Surface unique insight and relationships thanks to our unique solution

Seamless workflow and relationship management

Collaborate with anyone and everyone in the firm. Manage tasks, track progress and priorities.

From the initial contact to the proposal within a single application.


Full Visibility and Decision Making

Foster a culture of teamwork and accountability. Get full visibility from the level of an individual practitioner to the entire firm.

Make business development a data-driven function.